9 Fantastic Climbing Gyms in Denver (2023)

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There are so many climbing gyms in Denver; it can be hard to differentiate.

As one of the most iconic Colorado activities, an interest in rock climbing calls many folks to Denver each year. But good outdoor climbing requires a solid foundation of skills, making finding a solid indoor rock climbing gym a must-have for those looking to traverse the mountains.

Below is a summary of nine of the most exceptional gyms in and around Denver. These climbing gyms offer a range of additional fitness services, from gym equipment and classes to yoga and recovery pools.

Finding the right fit in both location and breadth of services can unlock the fun of climbing for you this season. Check these out & get climbing!

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Climbing Gyms in Denver

Ăśbergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag – Denver

Close up of a foot on a rock.

Located on 21st avenue, Ubergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag is one of the best opportunities for indoor rock climbing in Denver. This facility offers extensive rope climbing and bouldering, with levels of climbing for all abilities.

Ubergrippen also features an adult climbing league, yoga classes, fitness classes, and climbing instruction. For youth, Ubergrippen offers classes, clubs, teams, and camps! This fantastic rock climbing gym in Denver is a great fit for the whole family.

Movement Baker/RiNo

Person climbing a rock wall.

With two locations located right in Denver, the Baker and RiNo Movement gyms are a fantastic option for climbers of all levels. Movement Baker is located on 5th Avenue, and Movement RiNo is located on Walnut Street, right in RiNo.

These climbing gyms in Denver offer a few different opportunities for growth, with climbing, a gym, fitness classes, and yoga offerings. Movement Baker has both rope climbing and bouldering, while RiNo focuses exclusively on bouldering.

With graded climbing appropriately set for climbers of all levels, Movement Baker and Movement RiNo are two of the best climbing gyms in Denver.

Movement Englewood

For those willing to travel a bit outside a rock climbing gym in Denver, the historic Movement Englewood is a great fit for you. A few miles south of Denver proper, Movement Englewood used to be the biggest climbing gym in the United States.

With large walls, extensive bouldering, and other fitness offerings, Movement Englewood is one of the best climbing gyms in Denver. Like all Movement gyms, Englewood has extensive hours, so if you work late, you can still get your climb on!

With membership offerings and day passes, Movement is perfect for any of your climbing needs.

Beast Fingers

Little kid rock climbing on a wall.

Beast Fingers Climbing Gym, located on Broadway Street in the heart of Denver, is a fantastic gym with total-body athleticism at its core.

With a comparably low-priced monthly membership, Beast Fingers offers climbing walls, gym equipment, and a recovery center with hot and cold pools for healing your post-climb body.

If you’re living downtown and looking for a place to climb and recover, Beast Fingers is a great fit for you.

Boulder Rock Club

If you’re looking a bit outside rock climbing gyms in Denver, this Boulder gym could be a good fit. Voted the best climbing gym in Boulder for almost twenty years, Boulder Rock Club is a large gym with offerings for the entire family.

With adult training, fitness classes, and yoga, accompanying youth-focused clubs, camps, and teams, Boulder Rock Club is a fun way to get the family active. Boulder Rock Club also makes a point to hold events and meet-ups, so if you’re looking for a belayer, seek no further!

While, yes, Boulder Rock Club is technically not on the list of rock climbing gyms in Denver, it was so fantastic that it had to make the list.

Denver Bouldering Club Central

Four people staring a rock climbing wall.

If you’re a bouldering lover looking for one of the best climbing gyms in Denver, Denver Bouldering Club Central is the spot for you. With three locations (Thornton, Englewood, and Denver), Denver Bouldering Club offers both spectacular bouldering and a range of yoga offerings.

With fitness equipment available as well, Denver Bouldering Club Central is the perfect place to grow your bouldering skills. They also facilitate events to bring together specific communities, including Pride Climbs and Asian-focused community nights on a monthly basis.

If you’re looking for an inclusive and comprehensive place to get your work out on, Denver Bouldering Club Central is a great fit for you.

The Spot Bouldering Gym

Two people climbing on a rock wall.

Another great bouldering gym, The Spot, has multiple locations surrounding and within Denver: Denver, Golden, Boulder, and Louisville. Offering climbing and fitness classes in addition to regular bouldering, The Spot’s physical education program is one of the best in the area.

Additionally, The Spot has beer on tap, so if you’re looking for a great place to hang out with like-minded climbers, this could be your vibe. For some awesome indoor rock climbing in Denver, be sure to check out this Spot!

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    Mountain Strong Denver Climbing and CrossFit

    For the adventuresome athlete, Mountain Strong Denver Climbing and CrossFit offers a wide range of classes and activities to build strength and athleticism. This gym combines a number of athletic disciplines to create a full-body, full-mind experience for the avid Colorado sportsperson.

    With classes to develop skills for climbers, skiers, snowboarders, hikers, and CrossFitters, Mountain Strong Denver Climbing and CrossFit appeal to the multi-sport lover. If you want some support in growing skills for a wide range of activities, this could be the perfect gym for you.

    Tension Climbing

    Woman climbing on a rock wall indoors.

    If you’re looking to develop your climbing skills from home, Denver-made Tension Climbing equipment might be right up your alley. They sell a wide variety of sturdy and balanced climbing tools, including hang boards and tension boards, with installation kits to set up your own personal climbing gym.

    The best climbing gym in Denver could be in your very own backyard! These tools are made to develop climbing-specific strength to equip you for your next indoor or outdoor climbing adventure.

    With equipment targeting various parts of the climbing experience, you can develop a personal strength practice to get you fully ready for this climbing season.

    Final Thoughts: Denver Climbing Gyms

    Colorado climbers know that all-year training is a necessary step for safe and adventurous climbing. Find a gym near you and get started!

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