13 Best RiNo Breweries in Denver, Colorado (2023)

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Are you a craft beer enthusiast looking for the best RiNo breweries in Denver? We can help! There are a few key things we look for when scoping out top breweries – quality, atmosphere, and that something extra that makes a place unique.

From the emergence of the Great American Beer Festival in the 1970s, still held annually in Denver, to the modern preponderance of homebrewers, ale is alive and well in the Mile High City, and RiNo is the brewery hotspot.

In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of thirteen awesome breweries in RiNo, known for their quality ale, lively atmosphere, and unique experiences. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these breweries are a must-visit destination for beer lovers in Denver.

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Best RiNo Breweries

Our Mutual Friend Brewing: Inclusive & Eclectic

Located in the heart of RiNo, in a colorful building with a spacious patio, Our Mutual Friend Brewing is known for inclusivity, Insta-friendly decor, and local ingredients. The taproom offers a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere with a mix of communal tables, bar seating, and cozy corners. 

This dog-friendly establishment features a rotating selection of beers crafted with passion and creativity. From their hazy IPAs, to their coffee and chocolate stouts, to the flavorful sours, there is something for everyone.

Keep an eye out for special events like live music, and make sure to try the incredible food offered by Pit Fiend BBQ, right behind the patio. Arrive early for indoor seats; the taproom fills up fast!

Group of friends hanging out together with pints of beer in their hands.

Bierstadt Lagerhaus: A Playground for Adults

Bierstadt Lagerhaus is a German-style lager brewery popular among yard game enthusiasts and lager lovers alike. Their lagers offer exceptional flavors and a smooth drinking experience. 

This RiNo gem has received numerous awards, including “Best Colorado Brewery” and “Best Lager Brewery in the Country.” Make sure to enjoy a pint of their flagship beer, the Slow Pour Pils, which has been called “Best Colorado Draft Beer” in recent years.

Situated in a sprawling warehouse with an outdoor biergarten, the overall vibe is playful and irreverent. Enjoy the jumbo yard games while you drink, and don’t miss out on authentic German food! 

Ratio Beerworks: A Community Hub with Punk Rock Roots

Ratio Beerworks has been one of the best RiNo breweries since it opened as a live music venue during the peak of 90s punk rock. Today they offer a variety of fun events, including trivia night, comedy shows, and first Friday Market days.

Their diverse beer menu includes hop-forward IPAs and unique experimental brews that blend traditional and innovative brewing techniques. The vibrant taproom features a modern industrial design with a relaxed atmosphere.

Core beers to try include the Domestica, an American Golden Ale; Repeater, an extra pale ale; and Antidote, a West Coast IPA. Feeling adventurous? Try King of Carrot Flowers. This bright orange carrot and elderflower saison will delight those looking for novelty.

Two friends clinking pint glasses together.

Blue Moon Brewing Company: The Foodie Brewery

Blue Moon often makes the list of best RiNo breweries. Memorable for its flashy decor, from funky booths fitted into giant concrete drainage pipes to the circular bar topped with a sparkling blue moon light fixture, Blue Moon has expanded its beer lineup to include other styles such as IPAs, lagers, and fruit-infused beers.

Enjoy the spacious patio while indulging in classics like Belgian White or one of their rotating small-batch releases.

Boasting a full-service, chef-run kitchen, foodie favorites include the Pork Green Chili Cheese Fries, Beer Mac & Cheese, and Vegan Green Curry.

Black Shirt Brewing Co & Craft Pizza Kitchen: Laid-back Lounge Spot with a Rebel Spirit

Black Shirt Brewing Co & Craft Pizza Kitchen is a family-owned business specializing in red ales. Known as one of the best RiNo breweries to chill and listen to live music, you don’t want to miss the next live music performance in their Biergarten.

Black Shirt has gained a loyal following and is well-regarded in the local craft beer community, having received numerous awards and accolades for their beers, including medals at the Great American Beer Festival. 

Don’t miss the Colorado Public Red, their flagship beer. Other favorites include the Rapture Vol. 2, a lively blonde with passionfruit and mango, and the 5 Points Farmhouse, a mixed culture sour saison. Make sure to pair your pint with one of their artisanal pizzas!

Group of friends standing next to each other smiling as they hold drinks up together.

New Belgium at The Source (The Woods) – A Brew With a View

New Belgium, located in The Source Hotel, is one of the best RiNo breweries in Denver, and you get a free pour if you’re a hotel guest! The ground floor is dedicated to brewing, so if you aren’t a hotel guest, you have to head up to The Woods Bar & Restaurant on the 8th floor to sample brews.

The rooftop lounge and restaurant offer barrel-aged craft beers and panoramic views of the Rockies. Tasting Musts: the Oatmeal Stout, with its creamy, nutty coffee notes and the fruity, bitter, and chocolatey 1554 Black Lager, will delight dark beer lovers. 

Those in search of an IPA will enjoy the Voodoo Ranger Golden and its tropical flavors, and classicists will no doubt flock to the Mountain Time Lager for its light, crisp, clean notes. 

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    Colorado Sake Co – A Colorful, Flavorful Night Out

    For those seeking something different, Colorado Sake Co is a brewery you can’t miss. This colorful modern space, with its warm lighting and origami birds, is truly unique. Come for trivia, comedy, or bingo.

    Colorado Sake Co produces small-batch sake using traditional Japanese methods and Colorado ingredients. From the Shochu to the American Standard, there is something for every palate.

    Weekends offer the opportunity to indulge in their Dim Sum brunch! Make the most of your visit by creating your own origami crane, which they’ll let you add to the ceiling display.

    Group of people standing around a table holding drinks up to cheers.

    First Draft Taproom – A High-Tech Happy Hour

    First Draft Taproom is a self-serve beer bar with over 40 taps to choose from. Beer enthusiasts will enjoy the edgy modern vibes, tasty bar food, and frequent activities.

    This taproom features a rotating selection of beers, ciders, and wines by the ounce, operating on RFID-enabled wristbands. Newbies are encouraged to get out of their comfort zone and sample a little of everything – try a sour, a light, something hoppy, something dark, and throw in a nitro for good measure. 

    This interactive and innovative approach to enjoying craft beer has made First Draft Taproom a popular destination and one of the best breweries in RiNo Denver. 

    Stem Ciders – An Apple a Day

    Four small wine glasses filled with cider on a wooden plank.

    While the RiNo breweries in Denver often get all the attention, it’s important not to overlook the fantastic cider scene. Stem Ciders offers a selection of delicious ciders made from locally sourced apples. 

    Stem Ciders takes pride in pushing the boundaries of cider-making, incorporating unique flavor profiles and techniques into their creations. Make sure to try their popular Real Dry Cider, a classic cider with a clean and refreshing taste, or venture into their rotating seasonal offerings for a delightful surprise.

    Grab one of the many board games available to patrons and enjoy a flight with friends. Knowledgeable staff members are always ready to guide you through their offerings. 

    River North Brewery – Belgians & Comedy Night

    No exploration of breweries in RiNo Denver would be complete without a visit to River North Brewery, a local gem known for Belgian-inspired brews and a rustic vibe.

    Their beer menu boasts an impressive array of styles, with an emphasis on Belgian ales. If you like dry, try the White, a Belgian-style witbier. The Pils is perfect if you’re looking for a German-style lager. The Raspberry Soiree is the go-to sour.

    Make sure to check out Wednesday Trivia nights or a first Friday comedy show! River North Brewery is a true standout among the best RiNo breweries and a must-visit destination for any beer lover.

    Great Divide Barrel Bar – Smooth Sips & Social Good

    Great Divide Barrel Bar is unique among the best RiNo breweries in Denver, with a list of awards, including 18 Great American Beer Festival medals and 5 World Beer Cup Awards.

    Founded in the early 2000s, Great Divide has been serving up ice-cold brews and donating a portion of its proceeds via its associated Denver Pale Ale Foundation to causes including hunger, homelessness, environmental stewardship, and more.

    We love the colorful branding and fun brew names – from Samurai Rice Ale to Yeti Imperial Stout to the Old Ruffian Barley Wine. The brewery’s welcoming modern vibe offers the perfect atmosphere to unwind.

    People sitting around a round table while they each hold out a pint of beer.

    Odell Brewing Company – Brews with a Boutique Vibe

    Located in a historic building originally constructed in 1917, Odell Brewing Company’s artsy brick interior, cozy patio, and chill rooftop bar offer a boutique brewery experience you can’t miss.

    Enjoy the classic 90 Shilling red ale, the ever-popular Easy Street wheat, a Sippin’ Lemonade sour, or one of the Five Points Exclusives. There is a nice selection of events, including trivia night, yoga, run club, live music, and more. 

    Given the relatively small size compared to other RiNo breweries in Denver, you’ll want to arrive early to avoid waiting in line. 

    14er Brewing and Beer Garden – Unpretentious Ale in a Warehouse-Style Space

    A standout among breweries in RiNo Denver, 14er Brewing and Beer Garden occupies a sprawling warehouse.. Branded as “uniquely crushable,” they cater to beer drinkers with active lifestyles who want to enjoy a brew without feeling weighed down.

    Check out one of the flagship beers, like the Mt. Massive IPA, a tropical, juicy beer with massive hops, perfect for pounding before you summit your next 14er. 

    This is the place to play a round of cornhole with friends or relax and watch the game.  The service bar basics such as pretzels and hot dogs, but there is often a food truck out front. 

    Final Thoughts: Best RiNo Breweries

    If you’re looking for breweries in RiNo Denver, we hope you’ll enjoy one of these awesome destinations. From the sprawling warehouse-style breweries to the more boutique venues, RiNo continues to be the go-to neighborhood to crack open a cold one.

    Maximize your brewery experience by taking advantage of the numerous flight and tasting options offered.

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