13 Spectacular Wineries in Denver Colorado (2023)

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Colorado is widely known as the capital of craft beers, but what’s lesser known is the richness of Colorado wine culture. Wineries in Denver, Colorado, offer a broad range of styles, from Californian to Italian to canned!

With accessible wine-tasting events and food pairings, the Denver winery scene is off the hook. You don’t need a trip to the Palisades to get a taste of fantastic Colorado wine.

Each winery offers a little bit of history and science, hosting events or tastings that reflect the culture of the company. Some wineries listed below are traditional and family-owned, while some seek to push the boundaries of what wineries can be.

As always, if you’re looking to do a beverage tour, be sure to nominate a designated driver or use a rideshare. Safety is the best way to maximize fun on a day made for food and drink! Now let’s find a perfect Denver winery for you!

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Best Wineries in Denver Colorado

Bonacquisti Wine Company

Located in the fantastic Sunnyside neighborhood of Denver, Bonacquisti Wine Company is one of the most fun wineries in Denver, Colorado. They offer a wide range of wines and some fantastic Denver wine-tasting events. They run a regular introductory wine-tasting class to help educate and broaden your palate.

This Denver winery also loves music, with recurring Saturday afternoon live music and a fun series called Vinny & Vinyl on Friday nights. For those of us with the instinct to party while we sip, Bonacquisti has us covered. Check out Bonacquisti Wine Company, open Wednesday thru Saturday!

Two people clinking glasses of wine.

Carboy Winery

If you’re looking to learn more about the winemaking process, Carboy Winery is the place for you. Carboy Winery has multiple locations, including Denver, Littleton, Breckenridge, and the Palisades. Each location offers a slightly different roster of fun and engaging events and tastings.

While there is no Denver vineyard location, you don’t have to go far if you want to explore the site where grapes are grown. You’ll have to make the journey up to the Palisades, where Carboy offers wine tastings, bike rides, and a gorgeous patio.

If you want to stay close to town, Carboy makes sure you’re covered with a variety of different classes and tours at each location.

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    Redstone Meadery

    If you’re looking for wineries near Denver but want something with a bit more weight, be sure to check out this Boulder-based meadery. Redstone Meadery is a mead (honey wine) producer located in Boulder, Colorado.

    Their tasting room is open Thursday-Saturday, and they offer over an abundance of different types of mead. Mead is a great introductory wine for beer regulars, with a little bit more sweetness as well as a bit more heft.

    If wine is a bit out of your beverage comfort zone, Redstone Meadery in Boulder could be a great first stop for you.

    Close up of grapes on a vine.

    Silver Vines Winery

    With a gorgeous atmosphere and a classic style, Silver Vines Winery is a great option when you’re considering wineries near Denver, Colorado. Only a short jog from Denver proper, Silver Vines Winery has two locations: Olde Town Arvada and Boulder.

    These tasting rooms offer regular live music and broad hours, making it one of the most accessible wineries in Colorado. With delicious wines and an old-world vibe, Silver Vines is a perfect stop for the wine traditionalist.

    Attimo Wine

    Attimo Wine is the perfect Denver winery for lovers of Italian wine and culture. With a rich family background, Attimo Wine offers a fantastic list of wines made with your favorite Italian varietals, like barbera and nebbiolo.

    Located on Larimer Street, Attimo Wine is like a trip to Italia, right here in Denver. With a wine club and a beautiful tasting room, Attimo Wine is one of the most exceptional wineries in Denver, Colorado. It’ll take you right to Italy, without ever leaving the city!

    Person pouring a glass of wine.

    Bigsby’s Folly Craft Winery

    A fun trip to the 1920s, Bigsby’s Folly Craft Winery is a must-see spot for those touring wineries in Colorado. This winery and restaurant offer bottling events and hands-on experiences for wine lovers looking to get involved in the winemaking process.

    If you are just looking for a classic Denver wine-tasting experience, look no further: Bigsby’s Folly offers a range of tiers of tastings, including a signature tasting, reserve tasting, and blind tasting experience.

    Bigsby’s Folly is perfect for the wine novice looking to stretch their knowledge at a Denver winery.

    Grapes in a vineyard.

    The Infinite Monkey Theorem Urban Winery

    For those looking for an edgier selection of wineries in Denver, Colorado, put Infinite Monkey Theorem on the top of your list. This women-owned RiNo winery is the perfect stop for folks looking for delicious wines without any wine snobbery.

    While they offer a range of classically bottled wines, Infinite Monkey Theorem’s claim to fame is delicious canned wine. If you’re looking for a Denver winery with character, Infinite Monkey Theorem is for you.

    Spero Winery

    Esteemed as one of the best wineries in Denver, Colorado, this family-owned and operated winery on 64th Avenue is rich in history. Spero Winery offers a range of white wine, red wine, and dessert wine, with grapes sourced from the Palisades, Pueblo, and their family vineyard in California. 

    Open on Saturdays or by appointment, Spero Winery is a great stop for folks looking to explore wineries in Denver, Colorado.

    Four friends clinking wine glasses.

    Balistreri Vineyards

    With regular food and wine pairing events and lunch served daily, Balistreri Vineyards is a great stop for those looking to explore wine and food. A leader in Colorado natural wines, Balistreri prides itself on sustainable and chemical-additive-free wines. 

    They offer a regular wine list available for bottle sales, as well as a library wine list with wines made in smaller production. This award-winning, family-owned and operated Denver winery is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon.

    Blanchard Family Wines

    With a couple of locations, Blanchard Family Wines is a staple for wineries in Colorado. You can check out their wines in Denver, Fort Collins, and even Healdsburg, California. With a love for wine education, Blanchard Family Wines offers some great Denver wine-tasting events, including education workshops.

    They also offer daily wine flights, which are perfect for the wine lover hoping to sample a number of options. The Fort Collins location offers yoga & mimosas, so if you’re a wine fan looking for a deep stretch, Blanchard Family Wines could be the place for you! 

    A couple sits outside laughing while drinking wine.

    Kingman Estate Winery

    If you’re looking to mix wine and a quick bite, Kingman Estate Winery is the Denver winery for you. With a wide range of wines, Kingman Estate Winery makes a point of teaming up with its neighbors in the food world to make some fantastic combinations.

    Kingman Estate Winery partners with both Stargazer Fine Chocolates Tasting Room and Paisano Sausage Company to pair chocolates, sausage, and wine at those locations.

    Kingman also has its own winery and tasting room on 64th, open on weekends. For those looking to explore a variety of locally sourced bites, Kingman Estate Winery is a great fit.

    Deep Roots Winery & Bistro

    Another spot with fantastic food and beverage, Deep Roots Winery & Bistro, located in RiNo, is a favorite of wineries in Denver, Colorado. With a long list of wines, including wine cocktails, Deep Roots Winery is a great stop for folks looking to grab some unique food and drink.

    Another product of family adoration for beverage, Deep Roots Winery & Bistro, has a rich history and philosophy. Their passion is providing quality wine with delicious food, making it one of the most comprehensive (and scrumptious) wineries in Denver, Colorado.

    Final Thoughts: Denver Wineries

    As you can see, the wineries in Denver, Colorado, are plentiful and full of opportunities for delicious indulgence. With a wide variety of varietals, styles, locations, and events, there’s sure to be a perfect winery out there for you.

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