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Sure, the sunrise in Denver is great, but why not watch the sunset? We’ve been absolutely blown away by the sunset in Denver ever since moving here, and we always make a point to peek out the window just to see it in the evenings as it sets.

If you’re looking for a breathtaking place to watch the sunset, Denver is the city for you. With its stunning mountain views and vibrant cityscape, Denver offers some of the best sunset-viewing spots in the country.

Here are 11 of our favorite spots to watch the sunset in Denver!

Coors Field

If you’re looking for a great place to watch the sunset in Denver, Colorado, look no further than Coors Field! Not only is it one of the most beautiful stadiums in the area, but its location right in the heart of downtown Denver makes it the perfect spot to take in the city’s stunning skyline as the sun goes down.

In order to enjoy the sunset view here, you’ll have to attend a game during the Colorado Rockies season. The MLB games here are so much fun because you can witness the Coors Effect firsthand – the balls here soar when they’re hit!

Try to pick a seat to the right of the home plate so that you’re able to enjoy the view of the sunset over the mountains. Be sure to bring sunglasses, too; we’ve made this mistake before, and not having sunglasses makes it nearly impossible to see the field depending on where you’re sitting.

Plus, with all of the restaurants and bars nearby, you can easily make a night of it! Many people spend a few hours hitting up the local bars after the games officially end.

City Park

City skyline from across a park

Located not far from downtown, City Park is a lovely Denver sunset spot because it has a breathtaking view of both the city skyline and the Rocky Mountains. As the sun begins to set behind the mountains, the sky turns beautiful dark blues, oranges, and reds here, and it’s a sight to behold.

Plus, there’s truly a lot to do in City Park, so you can keep yourself busy while you wait for the sun to set finally. Spend time with friends and family and partake in activities like going on walks or sitting by the lake.

Because of City Park’s location, we recommend driving to the park or taking public transportation. We made the mistake of using those electric scooters once and driving them from LoDo… it took like 40 minutes and was not fun.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

small lake with trees around it at sunset

Located closer to the Denver International Airport, many people overlook visiting the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. In fact, we hadn’t even heard of it until our second year living in Denver, and now we bring all of our family and friends there when they visit.

It’s completely free to visit, and you just drive through the refuge and look out for wildlife. The views of the sunset here are also beautiful, which is why it makes the list. There’s an unparalleled view of the city skyline in the distance and the mountain range.

54thirty Rooftop

Believe it or not, but a great sunset spot in Denver is on one of the many rooftop bars, like 54thirty Rooftop. It’s the highest rooftop in the city, located right downtown in the Central Business district on top of Le Meridien hotel.

As the sun sets over the Rocky Mountains in the west, visitors can take in panoramic views of the Denver skyline and experience a spectacular show of color.

In addition, the rooftop bar at 54thirty features cozy fire pits and premium cocktails, making it the perfect place to relax and take in the beauty of the Sunset.

North Table Mountain

aerial view of a city in the valley of mountains

Situated right by Golden, Colorado, North Table Mountain is a great place to watch the sunset. Just hike the North Table Mountain Trail to get to the top of the mesa and look out to take in the view.

Luckily, this trail isn’t difficult at all, as it’s only 1.5 miles long and is moderate in difficulty. The overall elevation gain is between 300-400 feet, which isn’t bad at all; it just depends on what side of the trail you start.

There are a decent number of parking spots that can be used at the north and south trailheads by the mountain. Keep in mind that you might see some wildlife along the way, as there are quite a few animals that live in the Front Range.


One of the most unique restaurants in all of Denver is Linger, which is an old mortuary turned restaurant. Yes, you read that right! It has impeccable views of the Denver skyline and the sunset in the evenings.

The sunsets here are often dramatic and colorful, and there’s nothing quite like enjoying a cold drink and some good company while watching the sun go down.

This is a more high-end restaurant, so pricing is a bit higher when it comes to the menu items, but it’s more than worth it, and the service here is always top-notch. Be sure to swing by Little Man Ice Cream after your meal for a sweet treat.

Cheesman Park

large pavilion with white pillars

While there are many parks in Denver, another of the great sunset spots is Cheesman Park. This park is located over near the Denver Botanic Gardens and has a large pavilion that you can sit under (pictured above) to enjoy the sun going down.

This is a very musical green space, as, throughout the year, there are often different events going on that are pretty lively. It’s around 80 acres large, so you can find a lovely spot just to yourself. There are also plenty of benches and picnic areas in the park, making it the perfect spot to relax and take in the natural beauty of the area.

Garden of the Gods

hiking trail through red rocks

While it’s not technically located in Denver if you want to get a beautiful sunset view, head just south to Colorado Springs to Garden of the Gods. This is such a great spot to watch the sunset because the oranges of the sky create a beautiful color against the red rocks.

There are many hikes throughout the park that you can do; our favorite is any of the ones that go around the perimeter because the majority of people go right through the center. This way, you can enjoy the view without many other people.

There are also some benches throughout the park if you’d rather sit and enjoy the view. Once you’re done, enjoy dinner at one of the local Colorado Springs restaurants.


Avanti is another rooftop bar and restaurant. There are a few Avantis throughout the area, but the one in Denver is right in LoHi. Grab some food and maybe a drink or two, and then head up to the rooftop to watch the sunset as you enjoy your food.

This is a popular place to eat and drink, especially among the younger crowd. The vibe is very eclectic yet industrial, and the food is incredible, so no matter what you order, you’ll truly enjoy it.

Inspiration Point Park

Inspiration Point Park is one of the places that only locals really know about! It’s located right in Denver, and this green space has impeccable scenic views, which is why it’s perfect to watch the sunset in Denver here.

From the park, you can see the mountains in all their glory, and watching the sun set behind them is a truly unforgettable experience. The park is also a great place to relax and enjoy nature, so if you’re looking for a peaceful spot to watch the sun go down, Inspiration Point Park is definitely worth checking out.

The park is about 25 acres large and has an elevation slightly higher than the rest of the city. Benches are abundant so you can find a place to sit without having to bring your own folded chairs.

Sloan’s Lake Park

purple and red sunset over a large lake

Last but not least is Sloan’s Lake Park. It’s home to the biggest lake in all of Denver and also is one of the bigger parks in the city. With its lakeside location and unobstructed views of the Rocky Mountains, it’s no wonder this park is a popular spot for watching the sunset.

It’s only a short drive from downtown, and it’s easily accessible with public transportation. It’s one of those places again that mostly just locals know about, so you can normally avoid tourists here, for the most part.

The park is also home to a playground, walking trails, and many shops are nearby, making it the perfect place to spend an evening with friends or family. Whether you’re looking for a romantic spot to watch the sun go down or a place to enjoy nature’s show with your loved ones, Sloan’s Lake Park is definitely worth checking out.

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