14 Best Restaurants in Capitol Hill Denver

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Are you wondering what the best restaurants in Capitol Hill Denver are?

Denver’s Capitol Hill encapsulates the charm of Denver in a few square block radius. From large, historic estates like the Grant-Humphrey’s Mansion to Don’s Club Tavern, the definition of a classic dive bar comes to life; Cap Hill is filled with endless gems.

It is no surprise that many restaurants have chosen this neighborhood to call home. Since it’s not as central, and admittedly, parking is terrible, there are a lot of places you have to know about, but once you know, you will go back time and time again.

We are excited to share with you the best restaurants in Denver Capitol Hill.

Best Restaurants in Capitol Hill Denver


A small wooden sign over the entrance to a restaurant that reads "Potager."
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We would be doing everyone a disservice if we didn’t list Potager immediately. Often noted as one of the best Capitol Hill restaurants, it is one of our favorite spots in the entire city.

Potager has served the community with an everchanging menu dependent on what is locally in season since 1997. This restaurant has long been a local favorite, and it’s easy to see why.

The atmosphere is calm and beautiful, the food is creative and delicious, and you can tell how much the staff cares about the restaurant as a whole. You feel like you’re truly a part of something special when you visit Potager.

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    A group of people sitting around a table reaching and grabbing food and wine on the table.

    Up there, next to Potager, is Luca, one of Frank Bonnano’s signature restaurants. Luca specializes in fine Italian cuisine and has an impressive wine list. It’s easily one of the best Restaurants in Capitol Hill Denver.

    If you’re like me, the staff gets bonus points for helping to pick wine when you have no idea what the difference is between a Pinot Noir and a Cab Sauv. The vibe is very much “take time to eat, enjoy, and chill.”

    You order all of your food at once, and the staff will time out delivery based on the progress your table is making. I’ve sat here for 4 hours before and did not even notice until the restaurant started to empty out at closing.

    Bonus points for the portion sizes that are perfect to share or bring home for lunch the next day.

    Gaia Masala

    Butter chicken on rice with a fork and knife on the plate next to it.

    It’s a Friday night, and your friend wants Indian food, but you want to grab a burger. What do you do? You go to Gaia Masala!

    Vegetarians and vegans love this place for their accommodating menu. They don’t just provide vegetarian options; they work hard to craft them into delicious dishes that you will come back to order again.

    Charlie Brown’s Bar and Grill

    A creamy sauce being poured over sliced chicken.

    Charlie Brown’s Bar and Grill is an underrated, often misunderstood establishment on Cap Hill. It easily makes our list of best Restaurants in Capitol Hill Denver.

    There is no place like it in the city. It has a piano player and sometimes piano karaoke, history, and free wings on Fridays for happy hour, and it is nearly impossible to beat the drink prices.

    Charlie Brown’s is located on the ground floor of the Colburn Hotel building, which opened in the 1920s. Since opening, the bar has been synonymous with a good time.

    There are even rumors of Bill Murray throwing back a few drinks and singing here. Looking for a fun place to hang with good friends? This is your spot. Just don’t annoy the regulars; they deserve to appreciate their bar in peace.

    This is one of the best bars in Capitol Hill.

    Cosmo’s Pizza

    A piece of pizza being lifted up from a whole pie.

    Two words: Spicy Ranch. Cosmo’s Pizza originated in Boulder and served as the go-to spot for students on the Hill, and Denver was graced with its presence in 2010.

    What sets Cosmo’s apart other than its solid pizza and giant soda cups that are perfect for reusing over and over again? The spicy ranch. In fact, Cosmo’s spicy ranch is so popular that it is literally sold by the jar.

    Cosmo’s Pizza in Cap Hill gives you the opportunity to experience all the glory that is late-night pizza without having to fight your way through a college crowd.

    The 9th Door

    A cast iron skillet with fried balls in them.

    By the time Tuesday rolls around, we are all ready for the weekend. Why not treat yourself at The 9th Door with their Tapas Tuesdays?

    This is one of the only places in Denver to get authentic tapas. In fact, it’s so popular that it is frequently booked, so reservations are recommended.

    It’s a great place to celebrate birthdays, promotions, or even quitting that job you really hate. The 9th Door will always be there for you as a classy place to eat in Cap Hill.

    Don’s Club Tavern

    A group of friends standing around a table laughing and holding drinks.

    Don’s Club Tavern is your place if you are down to get rowdy and talk to some strangers. It’s the quintessential dive bar that seems to be the central location for everyone to meet up at the end of the night.

    However, if you go earlier, you have the pleasure of experiencing Don’s when it’s not crowded. The drinks are cheap, and the bartenders are always friendly.

    You’ll meet strangers who are your best friends for the night and play foosball against some cute guy you challenged at the bar. When someone calls for a Don’s night out, you know they mean business.

    Moe’s Bagels

    A stack of sesame bagels.

    Moe’s Bagels is a perfect place to be when you need some nourishment after a night out in Cap Hill. It is one of the best bagel spots in Denver, and they take pride in using sustainably sourced ingredients.

    Moe’s doesn’t just have bagels; their breakfast burritos and sandwiches are just as tasty. If you want to be popular in your office, bring in a platter from Moe’s. This is another of the best Restaurants in Capitol Hill Denver.

    Ace Eat Serve

    Bao buns filled with meat.

    Though technically in Uptown, Ace Eat Serve is one of the restaurants near Capitol Hill that provides dinner and entertainment. Ace dedicates an entire back room to ping pong tables (see what they did there with ‘serve’ in their name).

    One of the more entertaining nights I have had in Denver is going to Ace on a competitive ping pong night and watching some of the most intense back-and-forths I have ever witnessed.

    On any other night, though, you can laugh and drink and hit the ball a couple of times with your friends. Their bao buns and Brussels sprouts are top-notch and the perfect snack between games if you’re really getting into it.

    Hamburger Mary’s

    Fried mac and cheese balls on a plate.

    There is a debate over whether or not Hamburger Mary’s is in Cap Hill or Uptown, but ultimately, it doesn’t matter because you should travel from any part of Denver to go to Hamburger Mary’s.

    Yes, the food is impressive. But the drag queens are even better! This is a place that welcomes everyone and thrives on creativity. One of my favorites is bingo night hosted by a rotating drag queen. Always fabulous, endlessly fun.

    Logan St

    A hand holding up a birria taco as it drips into a cup.

    Want somewhere within walking distance of your Cap Hill apartment for a first date? Welcome to Logan St. It’s nice enough that you’ll want to dress up a little, but you’ll never feel underdressed in jeans.

    The menu is a crowd-pleaser, so if you want to extend your cocktail date into dinner, it’s a good spot. Their outdoor patio is one of the best places to people-watch in Denver, and it’s only a stone’s throw from other cool bars and restaurants.

    Vesper Lounge

    A bun wit ground meat in it.

    To me, Vesper Lounge IS Cap Hill. Though it’s been through different names and owners throughout the years, the building has been serving patrons of Capitol Hill for decades, and being a regular feels like being family.

    It’s dog-friendly, and there’s always room for your furry friends under their outdoor tent.  Their seasoned fries are a good snack at the end of a long, long week, and drinks just taste better sitting out by one of the fire pits.

    The relaxing atmosphere lets you feel at peace grabbing a beer solo or meeting up with friends on a weekly basis. This is, in my opinion, the best bar in Capitol Hill.

    City O’ City

    A small bowl with a salad in it.

    City O’ City is one of the top restaurants for vegan and vegetarian dishes that are creative and delicious. It is so good that your carnivorous friends won’t complain about the lack of meat!

    There is typically a wait because of how popular the spot is, but there is a great coffee bar to order from at the front while you wait. If you’re looking to eat somewhere with a “Denver Vibe,” this is one of the best restaurants in Capitol Hill.

    This is a good place for dates, meeting old friends, and just going to grab a bite if you’re bored of bringing your lunch to work.


    A stack of french toast with a spoon dripping maple syrup on it.

    We want to round out this list with a wonderful brunch spot. Jelly is simply delectable. They’ve got donut bites, cornflake french toast, chili biscuits, cinnamon roll pancakes, and on and on.

    They also have a great kid’s menu! Jelly has a fun atmosphere and is a crowd-pleaser. I’ve never brought a person to Jelly who has been disappointed. It’s one of the top places to eat in Capitol Hill.

    Final Thoughts: Denver Capitol Hill Restaurants

    While all of these restaurants and bars are awesome, they are the tip of the iceberg of Cap Hill! Start with these classic local haunts and venture out on your own to find something new!

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